For a limited time — Pre-Sale!

For a limited time — Pre-Sale!

Earlier this year, while working with a new co-packer, they were  impacted by COVID and shut down. We are now working with another facility and want to show them how much you love RUFF BARS by offering a pre-sale.

These bars are not extruded by a co-packer, they will be hand made by Sue.

By purchasing these pre-sale bars (7/1 - 7/15), you’re showing your love for RUFF BARS. We will ship bars in order by date purchased. These pre-sale bars will ship mid August.  

Following the sale of these bars, we will have planning data to share with the new facility.

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Ingredients: Antibiotic and Hormone Free Proteins, Organic (Dates, Chia Seeds, Carrots, Celery Seed and Rosemary) 

Single weight per bar:  approximately .8 oz (12 bars per order)

(12) .8 oz bars per order - single protein options
(10) .8 oz bars per order - variety package (1 ea protein)


We use only a small amount natural preservatives in our products, which means that our RUFF BARS are perishable. Best kept cold until you take with you on your adventure. Please consume within 2-3 days and refrigerate after opening.

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