Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Being out of stock provides us opportunities to look at what’s gone well and what needs changing.

Let’s start with what’s gone well: We have an amazing team – everyone from our Ambassadors who not only promote RUFF BARS but wholeheartedly believe in our product; our social media presence through the efforts of Julie (tuckerleo_da_huskies) and Jaime (@oaktreeoakley); website and marketing by Karen, my business partner. We resolved the packaging issue and are now working with new co-packers locally here in WA state.

As we continue to grow, we listen to our customers about what you’re looking for in product size and texture. To meet the needs of new customers, we’re offering a new promo package – smaller size; for those who have multiple doggos we have a multi-pack; and BITES for our zero waste initiative. Flax seed and pumpkin have been added for digestion. Celery seed and rosemary have been added as natural preservatives and seasoning. Are you aware of the health benefits of flax seed, pumpkin, celery seed and rosemary? There are many!
Do you have questions you want to ask? Feel free to ask through info@ruffbar.com.

Tomorrow we are back in production of beef bars beginning this week and shipping 7/1. Turkey bars will be next followed by salmon bars.

We have some exciting things to share, stay tuned 😊

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