Golden Ticket

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Quote

For your delight, we have hidden 18 golden tickets in random purchases among these vendors:

Whoever is lucky enough to find one will receive many marvelous and wonderful gifts for dog lovers from your favorite dog product vendors! 


Here are some of the prizes that could be yours:

RUFFWEAR collapsible dog bowl
RUFFWEAR Collapsible Dog Bowl

Pack this ultralight bowl into a tiny package and take it to your next trip outdoors! When needed it pops up to a good size you can use to water or feed your canine companion. Durable and easy to clean. Add some RUFF BARS and you are good to go!

Sloppy Chops Dog Leash
Sloppy Chops Dog Leash

This strong yet lightweight leash will stay dry and clean no matter what your dog gets into on the trail. It has the appearance and feel of broken-in leather yet is vegan friendly and ‘stink-proof’. This ⅝ inches wide leash will hold even the strongest pullers and the D-ring on the handle is perfect to hold your accessories, i.e. a RUFF BAR or two :)

410 Mavs 'Mutt and Me' Scarf Set
410 Mavs ‘Mutt + Me’ Scarf Set

This set of scarves will keep you and your pup warm and styles as weather cools down! Each scarf is handmade and soft and can machine washable. Transition into the winter in style! Just remember to pack a few RUFF BARS when you get out on the trail.

Savage Threads Trailhead Lead
SAVAGE THREDZ Trailhead Lead

Soft yet strong, this bright blue leash is comfortable on the hands and has a flexible body. Waterproof and stain resistant, it also sports a D-ring and an O-ring to attach keys, waste bags or some RUFF BARS. The trigger snap hook will keep this leash safely attached to your pup’s collar.

Native Instinct Baseball Hat
Native Instinct Baseball Hat for Humans

“Never Adventure Alone”. This is the perfect hiking-with-your-furry-friend hat. Made from 100% cotton, it will keep your head cool, dry and stylish on the trail and in the city!

And More!

Present your ticket to THE VENDOR THE PURCHASE WAS MADE FROM upon receipt and you will receive a special gift courtesy of RUFF BAR, 410 Mavs, moose wears, SLOPPY CHOPS CO, NATIVE • INSTINCT, HOOT & Co and SAVAGE THREDZ.

This Golden Ticket event will run for 6 weeks or until the last ticket is found.