Our Team

Susan Moore feeding herbs to horsesSue Moore, CEGE

Herb Giver, Animal Rescuer and more!

Sue assists with production, outreach, coordinates our teams, dreams up new products, manages non-profit organization donations and much much more. 

Sue keeps an eye on the big picture.





Karen Wegehenkel

Marketing and PR

With Big Sky Products, Karen finally found a way to combine all her passions (graphic and website design, photography, playing with dogs, energy work) into one worthy cause! When she is not on the computer working on the next label or the newsletter, she can be found mixing herbs, or is out taking photos and playing with her puppy.

Karen keeps her focus on communicating the mission to the outside world.


Mollie Underwood@voyagewilder-instagram

Social Media 

As a pet owner herself and looking for the best, healthy options for her pets, Mollie started out with Kairos For Dogs and RUFF BAR as a customer. She was quick to fall in love with not just the products, but what the brands stood for and their mission. Having been on Instagram since 2013, she used her knowledge of the platform to help out as an ambassador, but eventually became the Social Media Lead for both the Kairos and RUFF BAR accounts, as well as working side by side with Sue to run the ambassador programs. Outside of social media, Mollie is out hiking or camping, photographing as she goes, or playing with her six rescue dogs, cats, ducks, or even mice!



Our Wonderful Ambassadors: 

Kairos For Dogs RUFF BAR Both Teams

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