Our Story

The inspiration to create RUFF BARs came out of a desire for an easy to carry, nutritionally appropriate food bar for our dogs while on the trail hiking and backpacking. Most dog snacks or on-the-go meals on the market today are heavily based on cheap fillers like potatoes, oats, legumes and beans such as chickpeas, lentils and peanuts. Those kinds of foods are alright for omnivorous humans to eat but not healthy for your carnivorous canine pal to ingest on a regular basis.

With the assistance of a Veterinarian and a Naturopathic Doctor we created a bar composed of top notch ingredients that not only fulfills your pup's nutritional requirements, but is quick and convenient too. We believe that your dog should get the very best so we use only grass fed-no antibiotic-no hormone beef and organic ingredients. Dogs are natural carnivores so don’t compromise. Give them the very best with Ruff bars. Every bar is hand made in Clearview Washington.


We keep it simple with whole food ingredients and no preservatives. Just what you would want to eat. 

RUFF BARs are a versatile product that are essential for any active dog. For hiking they are the perfect mid trail snack. Backpacking they serve as a lightweight nutrition packed bar for sustained endurance. On hunting excursions you can go the extra hours knowing that your dog is performing at its highest level. For busy days use them as an on the go meal replacement bar. Have a puppy? Get their nutrition started right by using RUFF BARs as the perfect training treat.

“When dogs exert themselves they need to cool off by panting. Panting uses an enormous amount of energy. Giving your dog high quality digestible protein is paramount during these periods for optimal performance.”

 -Dr. Suzan Seelye

Quick Facts

  • AFFCO Complete and balanced
  • Veterinarian and Naturopathic Doctor formulated
  • Compatible with raw food diet
  • Small batch with all products coming from USA
  • Made with highest human grade food available
  • Handmade in the US

 Where Can I buy RUFF BARS?

You can buy RUFF BARS right here in our online store, or find a location near you in our Store Locator

Can't find us locally?

Ask your favorite pet store to list our products, and let us know as well!