Holiday Specials

Holiday specials

We put together a list of stocking stuffers for those who have either never had our products or want to add something to your pupper's stocking this holiday.

RUFF BAR Sample Box - 5 bars
Easy to carry, nutritionally appropriate food bars for dogs, this is our best seller! Perfect while on the trail hiking and backpacking, for agility dogs or other high-action activities. 

Simply Kairos Duck Feet - 2.5-2.8 oz 
Freeze dried duck feet. A great snack for your canine. 

Mint Lamb RUFF SNACK - 2 oz
The same recipe as our RUFF BARS in a freeze dried snack. Firm, not soft like our Simply Kairos Snacks. Ingredients: Lamb, carrots, chia seeds, dates, peppermint

Kairos Peppermint Bliss Toppers - 2 oz
Our Peppermint Bliss topper's first ingredient, is goats milk, which is assists digestion and the immune system, peppermint soothe's an upset stomach, parsley is a superfood and adds Vitamin C, A and K, while basil adds antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.
This delicious topper is meant to be served on top of your dog's food in small quantities and for a limited time. 

Kairos Lamb Peppermint Bliss Treats - 2 oz

Our Seasonal Peppermint Bliss Topper combined with Lamb and freeze dried into treats. 

Aronia Berries - 2 oz
The Aronia Berry (also known as a Purple Chokeberry) is one of the most nutrient dense fruits on the planet!

Simply Kairos Sampler - Emu, Tripe, Duck Feet - 2 oz ea
Simple, delicious and soft treat made from just one ingredient! 

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