Original RUFF BAR (multi pack bars)

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For a limited time — Pre-Sale!

Earlier this year, while working with a new co-packer, they were  impacted by COVID and shut down. We are now working with another facility and want to show them how much you love RUFF BARS by offering a pre-sale.

These bars are not extruded by a co-packer, they will be hand made by Sue.

By purchasing these pre-sale bars (7/1 - 7/15), you’re showing your love for RUFF BARS. We will ship bars in order by date purchased. These pre-sale bars will ship mid August. 

Following the sale of these bars, we will have planning data to share with the new facility.

(5) 1.7 oz bars per package 

FREE Shipping!

Ingredients: Antibiotic and Hormone Free Proteins, Organic (Dates, Chia Seeds, Carrots, Celery Seed and Rosemary) 

Single weight per bar:  approximately .8 - 1 oz (2-3 bars per package)

We use only a small amount natural preservatives in our products, which means that our RUFF BARS are perishable. Best kept cold until you take with you on your adventure. Please consume within 2-3 days and refrigerate after opening.


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 24.45%
Crude Fat  15.53%
Crude Fiber 9.32%
Moisture (Air Oven) 25.98%
Kcal 294 kcal/ 100g