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Absolutely LOVE these bars, and so do the dogs. I've never seen them so crazy about food before!

Smart choice for the working dog! As a Service Dog handler, sometimes we have LONG days and miss our regular dinner time. While we've tried our best to prepare snacks (since our dogs are on a raw diet), we haven't found anything quite as wholesome until now. We always have a Ruff Bar (or two!) packed away for our outings. In additional to helping bridge the gap between meal times, Ruff Bars are also extremely easy to break down into bite size pieces as a special treat that is sure to light up eyes of your pup. We can't wait for more flavor options to be added because our dogs are #RuffPups for life!


Perfect for all of our adventures! I have been hoping for a product like Ruff Bar for years. Living in Colorado, my two dogs and I are constantly hitting the trails for hiking, backpacking, camping, or just general training opportunities. These bars have been a god send for us! Not only do the dogs LOVE the taste, but I love how simple and healthy the ingredients are, and how compact and easy to pull out of my pack they are. Instead of reaching into a bag of mushed up treats, all we have to do now is grab a bar and go. We will be buying these for years to come!


The product arrived so fast to my house which is such a plus. These bars really keep my place organized, I just organize them like little books in a container! I love how I can stuff this in my pocket, basically slip it anywhere. My dog gobble it up like there's no tomorrow. I also feel like an awesome dog mom for feeding my pup a good snack.

My dogs’ favorite snack ever! I have four dogs and they ALL absolutely adore ruff bars. They go crazy whenever I bring them out during hikes or even during training sessions. I love that I can read every single ingredient that goes into it and there’s no mystery chemicals preserving the integrity of the bar, and I love that they are so compact. Maximum nutrition while taking up minimal space. Perfect for hikes or camping! I tasted them myself and they taste like jerky! We are forever fans of ruff bars now and will be repurchasing as many times as we need to!



The inspiration to create RUFF BARs came out of a desire for an easy to carry, nutritionally appropriate food bar for our dogs while on the trail hiking and backpacking.

Most dog snacks or on-the-go meals on the market today are heavily based on cheap fillers like potatoes, oats, legumes and beans such as chickpeas, lentils and peanuts. Those kinds of foods are alright for omnivorous humans to eat but not healthy for your carnivorous canine pal to ingest on a regular basis.

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We keep it simple with whole food ingredients and no preservatives. Just what you would want to eat. 

With the assistance of a Veterinarian and a Naturopathic Doctor we created a bar composed of top notch ingredients that not only fulfills your pup's nutritional requirements, but is quick and convenient too. 

We believe that your dog should get the very best so we use only grass fed-no antibiotic-no hormone beef and organic ingredients. Dogs are natural carnivores so don’t compromise.

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